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Bring in friends!
Apr 9, 10 4:40 PM
Officers can recruit too!
Apr 9, 10 4:36 PM
New event and expect more!
Apr 9, 10 4:02 PM
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Welcome to the Keepers of Chaos' website!
Thank you for checking out our guild site! There is a forum for questions about the guild, and news about upcoming events will be posted accordingly. 

If interested in joining, and for existing members/officers, keep in mind that we do not tolerate unnecessary  cruelty, or unkindness to other guild members. treat everyone in the guild with respect. We are laid-back and teasing and joking is okay, but we won't take any serious threats, serious namecalling, or anything of the like. Profanity will happen in here, cussing and such things will be seen, so kiddies: you have been warned. 

We accept everyone, all levels, all classes, all races, and alignment. And don't worry, if you're not chaotic, we'll still treat you like family :P

NOTE TO OFFICERS: I encourage you to go out and recruit other people. Whether or not they should be in the guild is up to you. If you feel like it, you may start a recruitment drive through the social panel in-game. If you choose to do so, then tell them a bit about the guild before you invite them.

NOTE TO MEMBERS: If someone would like to join the guild and you're the one they asked, just tell an officer, or me. I will be on almost every day in the evening, so just send me a letter in-game, or an email at: I get emails through my phone and chances are VERY high that I have my phone with me ;)

NOTE TO MEMBERS AND OFFICERS: Let people know about the guild if they ask! Spread the word and get people interested, but don't make up stuff. :P

Bring in friends!

kilo123, Apr 9, 10 4:40 PM.
On this side of Keepers of Chaos, you don't have to play on DDO to join! If you have friends who play other MMOs and might be interested, go ahead and direct them to this site! In addition to this, if a player from another MMO so chooses, he/she can continue the guild on their MMO. Just let Sylvyna (kilo123) know who the player is and what MMO he/she is on, or have the player contact her.

Officers can recruit too!

kilo123, Apr 9, 10 4:36 PM.
Officers have the option to also start a "recruitment drive" in the social panel in-game and can advertise for this ad in the general tab!

New event and expect more!

kilo123, Apr 9, 10 4:02 PM.
Our guild event "Guild Brawl & Questing" is one of many of these kinds of events that will be occurring once every 2 weeks! Every one in the guild is welcome! 
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